Robert J.  Bruton

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The short of it: 

I am an American author of historical fiction, most well known for my debut novel EMPIRE RESURGENT.   I live in Virginia with my wife and children.

The Long of it:

 I was born in Detroit but left with my parents after the riots of 1968 drove them to Minnesota. I grew up and spent my childhood days playing ice hockey, collecting stamps, and running cross-country. I was active in politics at a young age and I recall playing the role of Jimmy Carter during a mock debate before the 1976 presidential election. My dad was mayor of my town.

    After graduating from high school, I went to a liberal arts school where I studied Greek and Roman history. I spent my junior year at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, where I studied philosophy and classical languages.

After graduating, I went to a major seminary where I began studies in Sacred Scripture and theology. After leaving the seminary, I took a job with the CIA as an intelligence officer and developed a fascination with political intrigue. I got married and recently celebrated my thirtieth wedding anniversary. I served in several overseas assignments, including one country that was once part of the Eastern Roman Empire. It was there that I gained a love for the region's hospitality and tradition of toasting. 


I have traveled extensively throughout the countries that once constituted the Roman Empire and spent a great deal of time in Rome and Istanbul, where my novel "EMPIRE RESURGENT" takes place.


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Praise for Robert: 

Robert has taken his deep knowledge and love of the Byzantine Empire along with some very interesting characters to make for a captivating story. I enjoyed this book cover to cover. I can't wait for the movie. 

--George Ross