Robert is an American author and a former CIA case officer who was primarily assigned to Africa and the former Soviet Union.

He has a BA in history from the University of St. Thomas and an MA in World History from Norwich University, where he completed his thesis on the role of climate change in the decline of the Roman Empire.

He lives near Washington, D.C. with his wife and children.

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It's 532 A.D., and while the Western Roman Empire has collapsed, the East is thriving under the leadership of Emperor  Justinian and his fierce and conniving wife, Theodora. 

Belisarius boldly leads the Eastern Empire from victory to victory and garners the love of all those around him, or so he thinks. Everything he touches yields to him, except for his beautiful and wandering wife. 

After he is sent across the known world, from Carthage to Italy to Persia, Belisarius comes to see the world for what it is and has to come to grips with realities that he doesn’t like: an adulterous wife and the ruins of what was a majestic Empire. Accustomed to victory, Belisarius must deal with his own helplessness. He is fearless in battle, but can he be fearless in love as well?

What Readers are Saying

George Ross,

CEO of Astra

"Robert has taken his deep knowledge and love of the Byzantine Empire along with some very interesting characters to make for a captivating story. I enjoyed this book cover to cover. I can't wait for the movie." 

Sophie Petrou, 

Dept. of Religious Studies,
Hellenic College of Holy Cross"

"It was an absolutely AMAZING and epic read. What a treat. The read got more and more riveting!

 I was glued to the book. "

Lyndsay Stanley, 

Manuscript Evaluation, Editor in Chief @ Stonecreek Editing Services

"When I was reading, I could close my eyes and easily imagine a world that has long faded away.  Robert has done what only amazingly talented historical fiction novelists can do: transported me to a world that is complex, beautiful and yet relatable.  

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